Innovation and Entrepreneurship: A Key Section in CMAT 2021

What is Innovation and Entrepreneurship in CMAT 2021?

Innovation and Entrepreneurship is a new section introduced in CMAT 2021 by NTA. It is a compulsory section with 20 questions.

Candidates can prepare for this section by reading about government aided entrepreneurial schemes like Stand-up India and Start-up India, global entrepreneurs and personalities etc. It is also helpful to read and practice sample/previous years question papers of this section.


Creativity, innovation, and inventiveness are tightly linked. These qualities are the key to creating something new, which is an essential part of entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship is the ability to start, operate and manage a business venture along with the risk entitled to it in order to make profits. It is an essential trait for anyone who wants to be successful in the corporate world.

This year CMAT 2024 has a new section on Innovation and Entrepreneurship with 20 questions. This section is not as difficult as the other sections of the exam. It is knowledge based, and it can be easily mastered with a little bit of preparation. The best preparation tips for this section include reading important books, articles and also previous years’ question papers.


Creativity, innovation, and inventiveness are closely linked. They are important traits for entrepreneurs, who must be creative in order to develop new products and services that meet the needs of the market.

Entrepreneurship is also a key driver of economic growth. It provides jobs in the areas of manufacturing, distribution, and marketing, and it stimulates economic growth by creating new industries and markets. Innovation also drives job creation and economic growth by increasing productivity, reducing costs, and improving efficiency.

This year, the CMAT exam has included a new section on Innovation and Entrepreneurship. This new section will include 20 questions of 4 marks each. It is essential for candidates to understand this section before preparing for it. You can download a pdf of practice MCQs on this topic from FundaMakers.


CMAT 2023 has introduced a new section on Innovation and Entrepreneurship with 20 questions. This section was optional last year but now it’s a mandatory part of the exam. To score well in this section, candidates should start preparing early and have a clear idea of all the topics it covers. These include innovative business practices, government plans and policies, global entrepreneurs, etc.

Some of the main characteristics of innovation and entrepreneurship are the ability to think creatively, an understanding of market dynamics and the capability of overcoming barriers. These skills will help in developing a successful product and expanding it to the international market. There is also a need for a strong commitment to hard work and perseverance. The entrepreneur should be aware of the importance of risk-taking and have good financial management skills.


Entrepreneurs try to introduce innovations that are different from the existing ones. These may be products, services or processes. The aim is to introduce a new equilibria, which can result in higher standards of living. Innovation is essential in the advanced economy for growth.

A successful invention must be both innovative and familiar to consumers. Otherwise, it will take a long time to be adopted. It is important for inventors to understand consumer behavior and develop strategies that will accelerate the rate of adoption.

Preparation for the CMAT 2024 Innovation and Entrepreneurship section can be difficult, but it is not impossible. Start by studying previous years’ question papers and sample papers. This will help you get a better understanding of the topics and improve your score.


The new section in the exam has 20 questions on Innovation and Entrepreneurship which test your knowledge about Innovative business practices, Government plans and policies and global entrepreneurs. The section also includes a passage-based question of moderate difficulty and other MCQs.

You can prepare for this section by studying important topics, attempting CMAT sample papers and previous year’s question papers. This section doesn’t require any complex calculations and can be easily mastered with proper guidance and practice.

This section is likely to have questions based on various government-aided entrepreneurial schemes in India. So, it’s advisable to read up on such schemes as well as other global ones. You can even try reading up on famous innovators and their inventions to prepare for this section.

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